water activities

Water Activities

Enjoy to the fullest the water activities in the rivers and lakes of Pallars Sobirà!

At Alta Ruta Aventura, we offer a wide variety of activities to enjoy in the natural environment of the Pyrenees in Lleida. Among our water activities, you can find rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning, kayaking, and canoeing.

All these activities are perfect for enjoying with family, friends, or even on your own. Moreover, our team of expert guides will accompany you at all times, ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

Rafting is one of our most popular activities, where you descend the river’s rapids in an inflatable raft. Hydrospeed, on the other hand, involves sliding down the river’s rapids with a specially designed surfboard. If you prefer something more tranquil, kayaking and canoeing are excellent choices to immerse yourself in the scenery and nature of the Pyrenees.

Canyoning is an adventurous activity where you can descend through canyons and gorges in the Pyrenees, jumping, swimming, and sliding down natural slides. Canyoning is an exciting and refreshing activity, ideal for those seeking a unique experience in nature.

Rafting: the king of water activities!

Rafting is one of the most thrilling adventure activities and the star sport in Pallars Sobirà. Venture into the white waters of the Noguera Pallaresa!


Enjoy the river in its best form. The canyons of Pallars will surprise you with their beauty and various levels of difficulty.


If you are brave and eager to experience the river and white waters up close, hydrospeed is one of those water activities you can’t miss.

River canoes

Hop on a river canoe and become part of the white waters, feeling them up close. The best part: no previous experience needed!


Lake La Torrassa: endless water activities

The calm waters of La Guingueta reservoir allow us to practice all kinds of water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.


Tailor-made adventures at unbeatable prices

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